Building Connection with Yourself & Your Body
A Mini-Course for Building Compassion & Learning to Listen To Your Body 
Is your standard conversation with your body filled with negative self talk, guilt and shame?
If you feel like you simply have too much on your plate to nourish yourself (and your body), the way you deserve, you are not alone.
While this may be a common occurrence, it is not the norm. Just as you wouldn’t belittle a loved one for struggling, the same compassion and understanding should be offered to yourself and your body.
It’s time to create a positive foundation for your relationship with your body.
It’s time to stop wasting time on diets.

Join the hundreds of women who have successfully worked through this mini-course to identify the limiting beliefs and typical negative language you say to yourself, develop a daily practice of overcoming limiting beliefs with expansive truth statements, and engage in meditations designed to empower and help you fall in love with your body.

Negative self-talk is a prime suspect for creating a discouraging relationship with yourself and your body. 

Just as you wouldn’t actively keep personal or professional relationships that create exhausting living conditions, your relationship with your body and yourself should be held to the same standard.  Creating sustainable nourishment begins with you, curating a strong, positive relationship with your body.

This mini-course is designed to open lines of communication with yourself and your body, and help you build self-talk practices that emphasize both compassion and growth simultaneously. 

Overcome a diet mentality... and finally see food differently.

Here’s the truth: your weight gain isn’t the problem. It’s a symptom.

Stop blaming yourself, wishing for more willpower, feeling guilt or shame about cheating on your latest fad eating plan, and wondering what’s wrong with you and start discovering the real reasons you struggle to find balance in your eating habits.

I know you have waaaaay too much on your plate. And I know you think you’re too busy to make time for yourself -- to nourish your body, meet your own needs, satisfy your cravings, and give yourself what you’re truly hungry for (hint: it’s not what you think it is)... 

... and I know you can find freedom by transforming your relationship with food.

Identify Your 
Limiting Beliefs

Find the root of your self-talk so you can re-program positive, self-affirming conversations with yourself and your body—you’ll reclaim and empower your self-dialogue as you begin to identify how you treat yourself.

Create Empowering Affirmations

Create affirmations that will create a sense of empowerment that you do have the ability to curate a relationship with your body and food that yields nourishing, healthy results.

Learn Self-Love 

In addition to affirmations, this mini-course will provide meditations that empower you to embody the compassion you need to reinforce your ideal relationship with yourself and your body.

what women are saying

"Margaret has helped me fully transform my relationship with food and exercise, learn how to properly nourish my body, and find food freedom.  She has given me the tools and support to feel empowered and strong, healing in a way that I didn’t even know was possible.  I now feel like I enjoy life fully without the interference of food and body obsession, and I am so grateful for her work.
"My relationship with my body as it relates to food and image has improved so much, and in some ways saved me!  I came to her desperate for a change, and I found contentment and even happiness through her guidance."
"Working with Margaret has given me a renewed sense of confidence in my body.  The program has instilled the knowledge I needed to fuel my body in a healthy way.  After finishing the program, I feel happier and empowered to make healthy choices about food and exercise."

Building Connection with Yourself & Your Body: A Mini-Course to Build a Trusting, Compassionate Connection with Your Body

Building Connection With Yourself & Your Body: Video & Audio Modules & Exercises 
In this mini-course we are doing the important work of connecting to ourselves and our bodies.  Most often, it is the separation from ourselves that has us using food in an attempt to meet our needs.   You'll uncover the limiting beliefs and negative self talk that keeps you stuck and start to practice listening to your body.  As we build trust with ourselves and our bodies we can start to treat ourselves in a more kind and compassionate way!

What's included
Modules 1 & 2: Welcome & Intro
These modules will lay the foundation for your coursework and success in the program. Includes the Authentic Nourishment Roadmap, Creating Your Vision, and Defining Your Why.
Modules 3 & 4: Food History & Food Choice Model
These modules work together to help you uncover your personal history with food: why and how you use it, your beliefs about food, and how your family history has helped shape the way you both use and abuse food now.
Module 5 - 8: Connecting Your Mind & Body
These modules include: Building Connection With Yourself & Your Body, Happiness & Values, Awareness & Emotional Eating. and Mindful Eating.

Includes the Mindful Eating Worksheet and the Whole Body Eating Exercise.
Modules 9 -11: Digestion & Weight
These modules include: Stress Digestion & Weight, Good Foods & Bad Foods, Nutrition, Eating Rhythm, and Cooking Basics & Recipes.
Module 12: Self-Mastery & Long Term Success
This final module includes important information about how to create your own long-term plan for ongoing success, as well as details on self-mastery and continued support.
Weekly Coaching Calls
Join Margaret inside of your private FB Group for weekly Coaching Sessions!
Private Online Community
Your online FB Group isn't just a destination for live presentations and Q&A's with Margaret -- it's a vibrant, active, supporting community of like-minded participants who can help encourage and strengthen you along your journey!
Downloadable Journal (PDF)
This beautiful downloadable, printable resource is the perfect companion for your authentic nourishment transformation!

I am deeply committed to your long-term success.

I designed my programs to help women have sustainable success in creating a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.  Let's end our ongoing struggles with overeating, emotional eating, and end the diet cycle once and for all.

Each curated course is packed with content and exercises all designed to cultivate real and lasting change.

With growth comes a little discomfort, but you can work through the material at your pace, from the comfort of your couch or local coffee shop. You’ll receive instant access plus emails from me to keep you inspired and on track.

in-depth breakdown of the modules

Building Connection 
with Yourself

Limiting Beliefs: Use your journal prompt to help you uncover the negative dialogue that have been holding you back.

Expansive Truths: Create affirmations that utilize empathy and love as the center of conversations with your body.

Build a Connection
with Your Body

Body-Love Meditations:  These body-love mediations will help you expand and grow your connection with yourself and your body and begin to build more trust.

it worked for them...

“Margaret has shown me why things work and don’t work for me. I love where I am, in control and confident that this is the way I eat and think now. This is sustainable because it makes sense to me.”
“I came to Margaret feeling ‘stuck’ about my food choices and feeling like I was not making progress where progress was due. Thanks to Margaret’s help, guidance, and teaching, I have been able to start seeing results in a way I did not think possible!

She has turned my diet around and guided me to make healthier food choices for both my mind and body. Additionally, her support has been the most positive and helpful of our work together because she has provided a safe and non-judgmental environment to discuss any and every issue I encounter and struggle with.”
“She has helped me fully transform my relationship with food and exercise, learn how to properly nourish my body, and find food freedom.  She has given me the tools and support to feel empowered and strong, healing in a way that I didn’t even know was possible..
Margaret Schwenke, CHHC, CEPC
Hi! I'm Margaret, and I'm passionate about helping you be the best version of yourself. My own struggles with health, disordered eating and body image issues created a desire in me to help people look deeper at life's challenges, to find the why and then the how, and to overcome.

After healing my body from a disease that the medical community told me would be a life-sentence, I went back to school to study Nutritional Psychology -- essentially, how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our decisions, which, in turn, create our health. 

I have been in practice since 2011 helping hundreds and hundreds of women (and a handful of brave men) transform their relationship with food and overcome their unwanted eating habits. I want to help you do the very same thing. 

We can't change the things that happen TO us, but we most certainly can change how we choose to see those events and how we will move forward as a result. You have unique gifts and talents to share with the world. If your nutrition, relationship with food or body image is getting in the way of you sharing your brilliance with the world, I want to work with you.

You deserve to feel better and the world deserves what you have to offer!

join these happy clients

“I don't think I could put into words what Margaret has done for me.

She provided the tools to change my perspective and gain a deeper sense of respect and love for my body.

Her devotion to her clients and her passion for what she stands for is unmatched.”
“I'll admit, I was unsure when I first met with Margaret. I was anticipating judgment and scolding, like an episode of the terrible show 'The Biggest Loser.'  Fortunately, Margaret is not like that at all.

She practices patience and compassion, and aims for a restorative relationship with food.  Whatever your goals may be, she is there to support you.”
“Margaret's commitment to her clients is exceptional.  If you're willing to do the work, she will take you further than you ever imagined.

She has provided me with valuable insight into my physical and mental health.  The understanding of how nutritious food can heal my body, enhance my aesthetic and mental performance, allow me to recover faster, be stronger, and get into terrific shape has changed my life.

Margaret gave me tools for healing my body and improving my mental health, and then took it a step farther allowing me to accelerate my performance and growth in all aspects of life."
frequently asked questions
Is this program right for me?
This program is right for you if:
  • You want a better relationship with food and your body and are ready and willing to change behaviors in your life to have it;
  • ​You want to build a more loving and compassionate connection with your body and are willing to build a new self care ritual;
  • You want to learn how the things you say to yourself are holding you back and keeping you stuck; 
  • ​You are able to work at your own pace, dig deep and be reflective.  
This program is NOT right for you if:
  • You are seeking short term or rapid weight loss;
  • ​You are not willing to dig deep and be vulnerable and honest about your challenges;
  • ​​You expect a silver bullet or for someone else to make this change happen for you;
  • ​You are just wanting a meal plan or exercise plan to follow.
What is your refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of this material, all programs are non-refundable.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Payment plans are not available for any of the mini-courses.  
What is your philosophy?
I believe in each individual’s ability to change, heal and empower themselves toward the greatest version of themselves.  Throughout the work, I seek to understand your challenges and to help guide you back to the things that nurture and support your happiest and highest self.  Food is meant to support us in living wholly and sharing our gifts with the world.  Negative or unwanted food behaviors often arise from unexamined history, emotions and circumstances.  How we treat our bodies is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.  When we are willing to look more closely at our symptoms and view them as messengers, we can heal them and move on to create lifestyle choices from a more conscious and loving place.  
Is this a weight loss program?
No, and yes.  It is designed to guide you through deeper work to help you remove the obstacles that are keeping you from taking the best possible care of yourself.  Once those blocks have been removed, you are able to start taking action toward your food and body goals, from a place of love and self care versus coming from a place of negativity and restriction.  (We must love ourselves enough to do the right thing for ourselves… sometimes that’s a workout, and sometimes that’s a brownie. You get to decide, and I will help you get to the place where you feel 100% aware and able to make the choice that is right for you with consideration of your long term goals and what will serve you best.)  When you practice this way of living and choosing over time, you WILL make progress toward your weight goals. Many of my clients have reached or surpassed their weight goals.
How can I receive more support through group or individual sessions with Margaret?
There are options to work with Margaret both in a group setting or individually.    Feel free to visit the website at to submit the contact form or an application to work together.  The 12 week Authentic Nourishment program is a one of a kind group program for women wanting to be in community while working toward their best relationship with food and their bodies.  Women who have opted for this comprehensive 12 week program or individual work with Margaret have found that the personalized coaching deepens their work.  
**Individual spots are limited to only a few participants so please inquire if there are any spots left.

If you're wondering how I can be confident this program will work for you (when others may have failed in the past)...

Let me let you in on a little secret: I'm my own original client.

I was given a serious health diagnosis in April of 2008 that changed the entire trajectory of my life. In the very moment the doctor told me that there was nothing I could do to change the outcome, a fire was born in me to not only overcome this diagnosis, but to thrive in spite of it.
I set out to take full responsibility for my health and healing… and quickly realized that the symptoms I was experiencing were just a result of my own complex conditioning and choices. To experience true long term change, I would have to unlearn everything that led me to that point and learn (for the first time) how to put my self care at the top of the list. One step at a time, I prioritized making decisions from a place of love and nourishment, instead of from a place of judgement, comparison or external expectation.  
Let’s skip to the good part… I healed my body of a dis-ease that I was told by the entire medical community that I would have for the rest of my life. And in doing so, I gained an undeniable passion for helping other women create their own amazing and “impossible” outcomes.
So I went back to study Culinary Arts and Nutritional Psychology so I could get the education to support what I had already learned firsthand and I’ve been helping women heal their relationship with food and their bodies for over a decade now.
I see my symptoms and diagnosis as divine messengers calling me back to the truth of who I am and what I am meant to be doing. I am here now. My health journey was the most challenging time in my life, yet has afforded me a vibrant, purposeful life that I never knew existed. I am so grateful to have been given this wake up call and the opportunity to work with amazing women seeking their own best health and healing.  

I want you to know that you CAN have the life, health, energy and body that you desire. I am your biggest cheerleader and am deeply committed to helping you discover what uniquely nourishes all aspects of your life. My desire is to guide and support you on a conscious path back to your own individual best and most vibrant health!

What could you do for your relationship with food and your body in a weekend?

The Authentic Nourishment program is a 12 week holistic experience designed to help you completely transform your relationship with food and your body.  These mini-courses are modules taken directly from that program that allow you to get a taste of the work in a bite-sized piece.  Everyone has a few hours they could spend to start to see BIG CHANGES in transforming their relationship with food and their body! 

Mini-course purchasers will get $350 off the Authentic Nourishment program
(when paying in full).

All mini-courses come with the added benefit of $350 off my signature program (when paid in full):
Authentic Nourishment when you're ready to take your journey further.
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